If you are here, you probably already know how important professional photographs are to grabbing the consumer's attention. In real estate this is one of the most important elements in a successful listing. Listings with professional photographs get 61% more views than listings with amateur photos. Going a step further; a professional, sophisticated, online presentation can garner even more attention and can engage the potential customer for a longer period of time. 

I provide all my clients with an  in depth staging consultation packet, so that you and your client can prep the home to maximize its features and minimize any flaws. I also provide staging consultations, where I will work with you and your client to prep the home so that it is presented in it best form. I also provide post editing services that can fix any minor cosmetic issues. 


I also offer social media and online presence services. I will work with you to establish a style and voice that will be consistently expressed across all social media platforms. From there you can either take over, or I can continue to manage your online presence for you.